Choosing to Have Cataract Surgery

Choosing to have Cataract Surgery can make a big difference in your life. For many years people were told to delay their Cataract Surgery until the Cataract was ready or "ripe". Techniques of modern Cataract Surgery allow Cataract Surgeons to perform operations safely and effectively in earlier stages of development, thus helping patients avoid the compromises of poor vision.

Today, Cataract Surgery can be performed not only to remove Cataracts, but also to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Cataract surgery is very successful. Nearly all patients enjoy better vision after Cataract Surgery. Generally, Cataract Surgery improves vision in up to 95% of cases and prevents millions of Americans from suffering from poor vision and even going blind. Many people report a significant improvement in their quality of life after the Cataract Surgery.

You should strongly consider having Cataract Surgery when your vision tests at 20/40 on the Snellin eye test as a result of a Cataract, or if your everyday activities are becoming too difficult or unsafe to perform and your independence is threatened or if you are at risk for falling down in dim light. Your comfort and safety are your guide along with the results of your eye examination and consultation with your Cataract Surgeon.

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