When Should I Have My Cataract Removed?

Reviewed by: Jason Jacobs, M.D. and Leslie Doctor, M.D.

Once a Cataract has formed it can progress at different rates-or not at all and remain stable. The position of a Cataract in the Crystalline Lens can also determine how seriously it affects your vision. So, depending on the progression and the position, a Cataract can cause varying degrees of vision change for each individual person. The amount of vision change and how much it affects your ability to conduct your everyday activities, as well as your safety, determines when you should have Cataract Surgery. The decision to have Cataract Surgery is made by you discussing, if and how much your lifestyle is being hampered, with your Cataract Surgeon. Together you can decide on the best time for Cataract Surgery.

The information that has been provided here is intended to give patients a basic understanding of when to get a Cataract removed and when to have Cataract Surgery. It is possible that your individual experience might be different. None of the information provided here is meant to be a substitute for or replace your eye doctor's consultation nor does it replace the need for you to consult your Cataract Surgeon about specific details of Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Lens (IOL) Implantation.

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