Preparing for Your Cataract Surgery

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Jason Jacobs, MD & Paul Koch, MD

Once you have scheduled your Cataract Surgery it is important to begin thinking about and preparing for the day of your surgery ahead of time.This can help make the entire experience that much less stressful. In preparation for your surgery it might be helpful to make a list of important things to do to get ready. These might include:

  • Schedule Time off of Work-Most patients need 1-2 days off of work before being able to return to their usual work schedule.
  • Arrange for a Driver-You will need a caregiver to drive you to and from the surgery center on the day of your Cataract Surgery as well as possibly to fill any prescriptions you might need. In addition, please make sure that your driver is available to take you back and forth to the examination you will need on the day immediately following your surgery.
  • Review Your Medications-If your Cataract Surgeon has instructed you to discontinue certain medications please do so. If your Cataract Surgeon has instructed you to begin taking other medications or use eye drops, please do so.
  • Hygiene-On the day of your Cataract Surgery be sure to shower and wash your hair. Please do not wear makeup or cosmetics of any kind.
  • Clothing-In order to be most comfortable on the day of your surgery, please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.
  • Eating & Drinking-Please do not drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours prior to your surgery. Depending on your individual situation your Cataract Surgeon may ask you to eat a light breakfast before coming to the surgery center. Follow their instructions.

By taking a few moments to prepare a checklist you can avoid forgetting any important instructions and your day will go smoothly.

The information that has been provided here is intended to give patients an overview of how to prepare for Cataract Surgery. It is possible that your individual experience might be different. None of the information provided here is meant to be a substitute or replace your physician’s consultation nor does it replace the need for you to consult with your surgeon about specific details of preparing for your Cataract Surgery.

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