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Cataract Surgery & Intraocular Lens Implants (IOL)
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Learn About Cataract Surgeons in Louisville

Louisville Kentucky has many ophthalmologists who are Cataract Surgeons. Louisville is a city in which you will find some of the best Cataract Surgeons in Kentucky. The best Louisville Cataract Surgeons are those that have a combination of training, surgical skill, experience and compassion for their patients.

Cataracts in Louisville
If you live in or around Louisville and have been experiencing the symptoms of Cataracts-such as blurry vision, cloudy vision, faded or washed out color vision, difficulty with night driving or glare symptoms-you should take the time to learn more about Cataracts, how they develop and what can be done to help improve your vision.

Cataract Surgery in Louisville
The top Louisville Cataract Surgeons performing Cataract Surgery in Louisville use procedures that allow Cataracts to be removed through small incisions with a quick visual recovery. In almost all cases, Cataract Surgery in Louisville can be performed on an outpatient basis in a convenient outpatient ambulatory surgery center in Louisville or nearby. 

IOLs or Lens Implants in Louisville
IOLs are used to provide vision correction after Cataract Surgery. The best Louisville Cataract Surgeons offer Louisville Cataract patients IOLs such as toric lens implants to correct astigmatism and near vision presbyopia correcting lens implants such as Crystalens®, AcrySof® ReSTOR®, Technis® Mutlifocal and ReZoom™ to help patients become independent of eyeglasses, bifocals and reading glasses after Cataract Surgery.

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Louisville is the home to the University of Louisville School of Medicine, a well respected medical center known for providing excellence in education and training for eye physicians and surgeons in the area of Cataract Surgery in Louisville. The medical center brings many top Cataract Surgeons to Louisville who are then available for the treatment of Cataracts in the area. If you have been told that you have a Cataract or are concerned about your vision and feel that you might need an evaluation, the Louisville practices listed above are convenient for patients from La Grange, Shelbyville, Mount Washington, Jeffersontown, New burg, Douglass Hills, Middleton. Lyndon, Buechel, Fairdale, Valley Station and Pleasant Ridge Park Kentucky as well as New Albany, Sellersburg and Charlestown Indiana.

Learn About Louisville Kentucky
Louisville is Kentucky's largest city and county seat of Jefferson County. The Louisville-Elizabethtown-Scottsburg, KY-IN Combined Statistical Area, includes Hardin County, Kentucky, LaRue County, Kentucky, and Scott County, Indiana. Louisville is most famous as the home of "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports"- the Kentucky Derby, the widely watched first race of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. The first Kentucky Derby was held on May 17, 1875, at the Louisville Jockey Club track which was later renamed Churchill Downs. The Kentucky Derby is held annually during the first Saturday of May. The Derby is preceded by a two-week long Kentucky Derby Festival, which starts with the annual Thunder Over Louisville, the largest annual fireworks display in the nation. The Kentucky Derby Festival also features notable events such as the Pegasus Parade, The Great Steamboat Race, Great Balloon Race, a marathon, and about seventy events in total. Esquire magazine has called the Kentucky Derby "the biggest party in the south." Other cutural events in Louisville include the Humana Festival of New American Plays at Actors Theatre of Louisville, an internationally acclaimed new-play festival that lasts approximately six weeks.

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