Questions to Ask Your Cataract Surgeon

Upon attending your Cataract evaluation and consultation with your Cataract Surgeon, consider the following questions as some of those you might like to have answered at your visit. Make sure you ask all of the questions that are on your mind and that you receive satisfactory answers to those questions.

  • When should I have my Cataracts removed?  
  • Are my Cataracts the only cause of my poor vision?  
  • How much experience do you have with Cataract Surgery?  
  • Do I have any other eye problems that might jeopardize the  results?  
  • Do I have any other health problems that might cause complications?  
  • Can you use a Lens Implant to correct my vision?  
  • What type of Cataract Surgery procedure will you use?  
  • Is there any overnight stay necessary for Cataract Surgery?  
  • Is there a risk of worse vision or going blind after Cataract Surgery?  
  • How well do you think I should be able to see after Cataract Surgery?  
  • How long will my eye take to heal?  
  • When will I achieve my best overall vision?  
  • Will I need eyeglasses, contact lenses or reading glasses after cataract Surgery?  
  • How soon after my surgery can I have my final eyeglass prescription?  
  • When will I see well enough to go back to work, drive and resume my daily activities?

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